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Singer-songwriter Ava Bonam creates all-acoustic, emotional and ephemeral sonic tales that yield innermost feelings, secret longings, and intimate memories held dear from times long passed - yet they always opening up vistas and perspectives of things to come. Her music unites the clarity of her riveting voice with the beauty of her nuanced and mature piano compositions.

Her work speaks of myth, folklore and literature, like a plunge into the drama of Brontë and Hesse, an infinite quest in search of truth. Bonam's folk-inspired visions seems completely removed from the stir of society's noise, yet beg to be heard in the flesh.


Previous releases include MAYA, a piano-driven album that unites the sentiments of melancholic yearning, the depth of her vocal range as well as the poetic approach of her playing the piano.


MAYA (full-length album)

piano and voice

Digital:          CD:  

Secret Lover (MAYA)


Previous concerts in 2018 include the sold-out New Year's Concert at the renown theatre Volksbühne Berlin, opening for Hauschka & the Alma Quartet, and a concert at Pop-Kultur Festival at Kulturbrauerei in Berlin.

German press:

„Mit ihren schaurig-schönen Eigenkompositionen, die von sphärischem Gesang und verdichteten Pianoklängen geprägt sind, bewegt sie das Publikum und öffnet die Welt zu einer Mischung aus Klassik, Jazz und Pop-Elementen. Damit sind keinesfalls Crossover-Interpretationen gemeint, sondern vielmehr für sich stehende Kompositionen, die sich frei machen von Regeln und einzelne Elemente unterschiedlicher Stile adaptieren.“ (Berliner Morgenpost)


Regarding the Pop-Kultur Festival 2018:

"Ava Bonam's contemporary explorations of folk music - via intricate and melancholic piano playing, and a deeply unique voice that moves from eerie warbles to hushed delicacy - is also a stirring new presence."

Daniel Dylan Wray, The Quietus 


1.1.2018 - Volksbühne Berlin, New Year's Concert, opening for Hauschka & Alma Quartet

16.8.2018 - Pop-Kultur Festival, Berlin, Kulturbrauerei/Maschinenhaus

2.9.2018 - Sängerknaben & Sirenen, Die Fabrique, Hamburg

Ava Bonam is one of 12 representatives of Berlin's music scene for British Council's global project Mix The City

Alongside ANDRRA, Barbara Morgenstern, Chor der Kulturen der Welt, Gemma Ray, Gewalt, Jochen Arbeit, Masha Qrella, Missincat, Munsha, T.Raumschmiere and Tarwater.

MY YEAR IN FOLK SONGS (2018 - ongoing)

Ava Bonam visits various countries, cultures, languages and times in her 2018 project MY YEAR IN FOLK SONGS.







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Ava Bonam

mail: hello@ava-bonam.com

P.O. Box 35 05 10, 10214 Berlin, Germany


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