Ava Bonam visits various countries, cultures, languages and times in her 2018 project MY YEAR IN FOLK SONGS.

Myth and folkore has always been one of the most influential figures within the arts. Traditional folk songs are meant to be accessible, their melodies are memorable and the lyrics portray perfectly the age and region they were once composed. Many of these songs travelled far, the lyrics changed from region to region, sometimes even from vale to vale.

As most of Bonam's work speaks of the beauty of folklore and literature, it came naturally to revive some of these traditional folk songs. The project will last until the end of 2018. For recommendations regarding folk songs please consider to get in touch via the contact page.

#1   Der Mond ist aufgegangen 

The full moon symbolises the great stillness of the night in this German folk song, written (as a poem) by Matthias Claudius in the 1770s and set to music by Johann Schulz in 1790. It speaks of the shift in perception when the light of the moon illuminates the forests and the ascending mist cloaks the night.

This version begins choral and traditional, but changes its melody and instrumentation from the second verse on.

Instruments used: voice, piano, harp, kalimba, clarinet.

#2   Scarborough Fair

Parley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Or: Every rose grows merry with time. Or: Yesterday holds memories in time. You will find various versions of Scarborough Fair. The melody is in the Dorian mode, which was typical for the middle English period. And it was quite popular, so it spread and changed and had a life of its own. It is a battle of former lover's who ask each other to perform quite impossible tasks - only then "you'll be a true love of mine".

This version is solely choral. In the end you'll hear 13 different voices.

Instruments used: voice.

#3   Eg veit ei lita jente 

A little girl who lives merrily in the forest. The 'norsk folkevise', the traditional Norwegian folk song "Eg veit ei lita jente" (I know a little Maiden) is best known as a nursery rhyme.

This version is a live recording and darker in tone than the original, brought about by the lovely sounds of the kalimba.

Instruments used: voice, kalimba.



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