∴ To find the uniqueness of your voice, you need to go beyond imitation.
The wonderful gift of the voice is that you can not only hear it, but also feel it. Your body has cavities that have the ability to resonate. You can use your voice to connect with your body in ways that help to transform stagnation.
the free voice 〉
The voice is the mirror to your soul. Happiness, love as well as anger and grief are portrayed in your voice - sometimes consciously, sometimes very subtly. The melody of your voice, the resonance and liveliness are partly innate, but mainly learned: Upbringing, imitation, (music) school or traumatic experiences (physically as well as mentally) may put a lock around your voice that most often does not resonate with the true you.

Functionality is as important as emotionality. The expression should not be hindered by poor functionality. (Trained) functionality should never be in the voice of the authentic expression.
How to free the voice? That is something that is as unique as your voice. Sometime the voice has to find strength, sometimes it has to find courage to be heard at all, sometimes the voice has to let go, sometimes the voice needs a massage. Therapeutical voice training always is body work as well.

∴ The voice as a musical instrument -
An instrument to practice and grow. ∴

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